Learn PR With Spiral5’s Career Rebel’s Guide to Modern PR

Spiral5's two-part flagship course is designed and taught by SIX senior Public Relations and communications professionals, each with decades of experience and a passion for publicity.

We've collectively helped hundreds of clients - from small startups to Fortune 500 companies, wellness brands to entertainment - tell their diverse stories in everything from local news to the world’s top outlets.

Part 1 of The Career Rebel's Guide to Modern PR, PR Fundamentals: From Pitch to Placement helps you learn how to identify a unique story, develop a communications strategy, pitch the media, and land coverage for yourself, your startup, or your clients. Part 2, PR Pro 101: The Art of Solopreneurship, helps you develop and own the skills needed to become an independent consultant or entry-level freelancer.

With 6 Modules, 29 lectures, and 8 verticals of PR, the course puts a heavy emphasis on hands-on practical learning. It requires dedication and a dose of creativity. Designing and executing a successful PR campaign is hard work, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have acquired a new set of skills and tools that will add lasting value to your career and business endeavors.

Choose between guided cohorts or up-level your PR career through self-study and mentorship. Who would benefit from this course?

  • Aspiring PR professionals

  • Marketing & social media experts who want to add PR services to their repertoire

  • Entrepreneurs & startup founders looking for a budget-friendly jumpstart on their PR strategies

Join Spiral5's Next Cohort: PR Fundamentals: From Pitch to Placement. The next available cohort begins March 1. We also offer a self-paced study.

Part 1 // PR Fundamentals: From Pitch to Placement - Cohort begins February 15

(Click either to sign up today!) Guided Cohort: $1770 (3 payments of $590) Self-Study: $1395 (3 payments of $465)

Part 2 // PR Pro 101: The Art of Solopreneurship Self-study: $900 Add-On to Part 1: $800

Your voice matters. Learn how to amplify it!

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