Gratitude & growth.

Bumbershoot PR's success is dependent upon two things: Me continuing to do quality work, and referrals from others. I don't participate in RFPs (which should probably be my next post) and I don't advertise. So my entire lifeline here is basically trusting that people decide to tell other people why they should work with me.

Not too long ago I would wait until I had a signed contract from a new client to decide "at what level" I should thank the referring party.

What? How gross!

These days I am most grateful for the act. What they did for me, not what I eventually will get from it. Shifting it back one step is part of my own personal growth. I am truly grateful for the referral. I mean, someone out there thought I would be a good partner for someone who trusts them.

What an honor!

I'm sharing this because it's easy to do and it's worth doing. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just intentional. A little something from Farmgirl Flowers, Insomnia Cookies, Sugarwish, or even just a cool note from PunkPost. Or even just a handwritten note. They thought of me. I can pause to show them that I appreciate that. No matter how it all shakes out in the end.

With Gratitude,


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