11 things to do with an 11 year old this weekend.

I recently sat on a panel at the Working Mom Summit. The irony of my having to leave my son’s basketball game at the half to go talk about what a great working mom I am wasn’t lost on me, but I was still happy to be able to do both. (Hashtag there is no such thing as balance.) I found I was happiest to share with a room full of bright-eyed babymoms how they can make the choice to set their own schedules. (So can you!)

I find time to dedicate to my clients within a work week that works for them and for me. And if it doesn’t? Maybe we don’t need to work together. Pretty simple. For example, I pick my son up from school a few days a week. I will do this as long as he lets me. I am unapologetic about it. Clients are cool with it. They’re not paying for all of my time so they don’t expect to have access to all of my time.

But that’s not what this post is about.

Back to my son and his school. They’re out this week, Friday through Monday. For what I’m not sure...maybe no reason at all. But I’m not looking into it nor am I complaining. I am planning to take off a few hours on Friday and Monday to do some fun things with him. While researching “cool things to do in OKC with kids” I realized that we have a lot of cool things to do in OKC with kids. So I started to make a list.

It was a good little list.

So I thought I’d make the list a bit better so I could share it. Please note: Not one mention on this list is a current client of mine. So this really is just a mom who happens to work in PR telling you about cool things other PR people told her about. (How freeing!)

Here’s my cobbled-together list of fun things to do in OKC for parents of an 11 year old boy who they don’t want to see immersed in a brain damaging four-day video game binge. No, we won’t be doing all of the things on this list. We might do some. And if I’m being honest, we’ll probably play some video games too.

I hope you find it helpful.

  1. Tidy up, buttercup. This one is listed first because you will either have time to forget about the idea by the time you’ve finished the list or you can do it first and everything after that feels amazing. So why not try it? We did this recently with our clothes. It’s not exactly fun. But it’s fun to be done. It also continues to be fun every time we open our drawers.

  2. Do a good deed! Like…take your old things and donate them to someone who needs them! This is a great thing to do after tidying up.

  3. Play in the dirt. Science Museum has a terrarium workshop this Saturday, Feb. 16 at 1 p.m. $40 for one person or $50 for two, which includes museum admission.

  4. Read to Dogs at the Library. Yes, you read that right. And if you do it send me pics in case we don't. As Greg Elwell reminded us in a recent tweet, the Library just trusts us to borrow their things and return them. So it’s not only a place that offers equal access to information, it’s also a place that can remind us that the majority of people in our world are good. Plus, what’s better than reading to dogs?

  5. Go read to every animal at the Zoo! Okay. Maybe that's better. Or you can just go visit them. Your call. The zoo was another Elwell suggestion. (Basically he’s ghostwriting this post for me.) The zoo is one of our favorite places to spend unplugged and outdoor time with no agenda. If you have a membership you can just pop in for a quick visit to your favorite giraffe and then head back home. Or across the street to Tinseltown because we want to....

  6. Go see a movie! We are probably going to see the Lego movie (#everythingsnotawesome). But we recently saw The Kid Who Would Be King and we loved it. It didn’t receive the best reviews but we went anyway. There are a lot of super hero movies these days (years?) and yes we enjoy them. But I also think they reinforce the idea that there is some kind of hero out there who will save us. This movie reminds us that we all can be heroes. Even kids. Or in this case, especially kids! Plus the world needs more flicks about un-adulted children saving it.

  7. Go to a free museum! Did you even know we had a rattlesnake museum? I did not. It’s apparently in the Stockyards. If you go there please follow it with a slice of pie at Cattlemen’s. Oklahoma Contemporary is not a museum but you can go there and 21C and see art for free. Metro Family was kind enough to compile a list of free museums in the metro for us. Check it out!

  8. After tidying up your closet, bust out the fancy duds and wear them to tour the Henry Overholser Mansion. Just $5 for students, $10 for adults. The tour lasts about an hour and begins every hour on the hour from 10 a.m. with the last one leaving at 2 p.m. Open Tuesday-Saturday. “Tours are truly a step back in time. Lisa, the Museum Coordinator, shares history of OKC and the Overholser Family and you get to see 12,000sf of mostly original and authentic objects and furnishings of the Overholser family. It’s a historic house museum and Lisa is full of information. You’ll love the hand-painted and stenciled ceilings & walls and the stained glass!” Thanks Cayla Lewis! After the tour, walk your fancy selves on down to Commonplace for a wholesome snack and a new book and some quality time with Boz, the best shop dog in North America.

  9. Play with your kid! Thanks to Evan Comer for this because I didn’t even know about it. Breakaway Indoor Playground. Evan says “in addition to a lot of fun things to climb on, they also offer Spanish language classes for kids 5-12 and sometimes have characters like Elmo show up to meet the kids!” Their website says they’ve built the climbing apparatus big enough for adults to get in, too. So you get a workout AND quality kid time. Total twofer.

  10. Kristy Yeager had about 10 great ideas, but I want to stop this list at 11. The first one she dubbed the Northside Adventure. It includes a visit to iFly and Top Golf or Main Event. (I’ll personally add to this one that you should visit Ganache Patisserie! Yum) and finally,

  11. Downtown Adventure: Hit the OKC Museum of Art and follow that up with lunch at Jones Assembly, a streetcar ride, and a tour of the Myriad Gardens.

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